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Fishing/ Angling

Fishing is a popular sport all around the country and of course also possible around Húsavík.

To protect the stocks fishing is heavily regulated in Iceland. The main general rules can be summarized as:

  • Rod fishing is legal from 07:00 to sundown. Fishing at night is illegal, and you are not permitted to fish for over twelve hours
  • Net fishing for salmon is only legal on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • Salmon can only be fished from June to September, and only in freshwater
  • You cannot net fish for salmon in the same river that someone is fly-fishing for them, and visa versa
  • You cannot move salmon from one river and leave it in another
  • You must clean and sterilise any fishing equipment before using it in Icelandic waters if it has been used abroad
  • Fishing in any body is only allowed with express permission from whoever owns the land. In many places, there are total bans

For many lakes a license is required. The so called Veiðikort or Fishing card can be purchased around the country, covers many waters and is a good option if you travel around the country. More information is available on their homepage Another good source for any kind of information on angling is the homepage of the Icelandic Federation of River Owners

Happy hunting!