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Horseback Riding

© Saltvík Horse Rental
© Saltvík Horse Rental

The Icelandic horse is considered to be an individual breed due to their unique characteristics. They have been isolated for over 1100 years and managed to fully adapt to the harsh climate. Their small hooves are sure-footed in any terrain, the fluffy and dense fur protects them from strong winds and their strong yet elegant physique allows them to cover long distances and carry heavy weight. The outstanding feature of the Icelandic horse are its five gaits: besides walk, trott and canter they also have tölt and pass. Tölt reminds some observers a bit on the hasty movement of a sewing machine, but the back of the horse barely moves so it allows a very smooth ride.

Originally the horses were used for transportation and as a source of food. Nowadays horse-riding is a popular free time activity for many Icelanders.

The good-naturedness of the Icelandic horse makes it suitable even for people who never sat on a horseback before. Whether guests are looking for a one hour trial lesson along the beach or tours through the highlands lasting several days and accommodation in remote huts, different horse rental farms around Húsavík offer something for everybody’s taste – beginners and experienced riders alike. The horses are chosen according to the rider’s ability and experienced guides will help on the way. Safety gear such as a helmet is provided, but comfortable pants and sturdy footwear are recommended. What could be a better way of exploring Iceland’s magnificent landscape than from the saddle of a horse?

Check out Lava Horses and Saltvík to learn more about available tours. 

Tölt is a gait where the back of the horse remains almost motionless making it a very pleasant ride © Lava Horses
© Lava Horses