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Puffin Tour

Puffin at Skjálfandi
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Iceland is the home to more than 60% of the Earth’s entire Atlantic puffin population. It is estimated that 8-10 million puffins inhabit the country each summer. Thanks to their incredible cute and funny appearance puffin watching has become a popular activity.

Just 4,5 nautical miles north of Húsavík is a small island called Lundey, what translates as Puffin Island. Even though Puffin Island reaches 34m above sea and is only about 200 m long and 100 m wide it becomes home for 200,000 puffins during the breeding season. Some estimates even guess their number up to 300,000. They return year after year to the rich feeding grounds in Skjálfandi Bay. It is the perfect location for everybody who would like to see Puffins in their natural habitat!

The island is privately owned and to protect the birds from disturbance it is not possible to go on land. However, thousands of Puffins can be found swimming and diving all around the island. The experienced captains of whale watching boats know the best spots to get close to them.

Puffins only stay during the summer month during the breeding season so the best time to see them is between May and August, depending on current weather conditions.

All whale watching companies in Húsavík offer special tours that combine whale and puffin watching to a real authentic wildlife adventure. Check out their homepages to learn more.