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The skiing area is located at a plateau above Húsavík © Aija Kotleva
The skiing area is located at a plateau above Húsavík © Aija Kotleva

When the nights grow darker and snow slowly changes the Indian summer to a an icy white the skiing scene in Húsavík awakes.

The ski-lift stands almost unremarkable leaned against a mountain on the plateau above Húsavík during summer time. But as soon as the layer of snow allows the snow groomer comes out of it’s hide and prepares the ski-run.

In Húsavík it is possible to ski under Northern lights © Aija Kotleva

Not only downhill enthusiast and snowboarders come out to play. On the plateau above Húsavík, about 10min drive away, in the direction of Þeistareykir a cross-country area has developed. Cross-country skiing is a growing scene in Húsavík and gained popularity throughout the country.

Nothing can beat the experience of skiing in an uninhabited area, with view over Skjálfandi Bay and Húsavík down in in the bay, nothing but clean white snow around and northern lights above.

In spring each year the Energy Race or Orkugangan is being held with distances of 25km, 10km and 2,5km.

The skiing department of the local sports association Völsungur takes care of the slopes and the ski lift.

Single Day
Grown-up1.000 ISK
Children 0-6 yearsfree
Children 6-17 years500 ISK
Elder Citizens500 ISK
People with disabilities500 ISK
Annual Ticket
Grown-up10.000 ISK
Children 0-6 yearsfree
Children 6-17 years5.000 ISK
Elder Citizens5.000 ISK
People with disabilities5.000 ISK

Single-day tickets are sold at the ski lift. Annual tickets can be purchased at the swimming pool in Húsavík.

© Aija Kotleva

Skiðagöngudeils Völsungs

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