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Skjálfandi Flói Shaky Bay

Slider White nights at Skjálfandi Bay © Húsavíkurstofa
White nights at Skjálfandi Bay © Húsavíkurstofa

Shaky Bay or Skjálfandi Flói is a large bay on the north coast of Iceland, known around the world for its wildlife, especially its whales. Thought to have been originally named Shaky Bay due to the local seismic activity, if staying in Húsavík, you might be lucky enough to feel the odd tremor in the night but there hasn’t been a real earthquake here for over 100 years.

A hive of cetacean activity, Shaky Bay, together with its harbour town of Húsavík, is often regarded as one of the best whale-watching places in Europe, with the local boat companies offering practically guaranteed sightings over the summer months. There is a higher chance of seeing whales in Shaky Bay than any other place in Iceland, but, it´s not just the whales which make it such an attractive location to visit – there´s a range of activities on offer, both at sea and on land.

At sea, the rich eco-system which brings the whales in their droves also provides ample fodder for those wishing to go sea-angling. Hikers can boat across the bay to traverse the wonderfully remote Flateyjardalur Valley. Whilst ornithologists can take a tour to visit one of the islands – with special trips dedicated to viewing the Puffins of Lundey or birdwatching on Flatey.

On land, taking the coastal walk south offers stunning vistas across the bay to the Kinnarfjöll mountains, or from the harbour, the beautiful old schooners used by the whale-watching companies are a sight to behold, giving the town a uniquely antiquarian feel.