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Húsavík Whale Museum

The Húsavík Whale Museum is one of the few museums in the world solely dedicated to whales. Inside lies a fantastic cross-section of the marine mammals that inhabit the Icelandic coastlines. There are 11 different whale skeletons to admire, a range of documentaries to watch and a special area for kids. Highlights at the museum include the Narwhal with its rare unicorn-like horn, a Sperm Whale jaw bone the size of a car and a cabinet exposing the intricate details of whale ear bones.

The museum is one of few museums in the world exhibiting a life-size Blue whale skeleton. The skeleton has now the length of impressive 22m and was 25m before the spinal disks were removed during the preparation process.

To the side is a cosy library room with a wide selection of books and a complimentary coffee. Temporary exhibitions and annual conferences complete the collection.

Slider A life-size Blue whale skeleton © Hvalasafn
A life-size Blue whale skeleton © Hvalasafn
Whale Museum

Húsavík Whale Museum
Hafnarstétt 1
640 Húsavík
GPS: 66°03’08.4″N 17°21’43.1″W
Tel: +354 464 1210
E-mail: info (at)
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