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Gamla Mjólkurstöð/ Húsavík Öl

Húsavík Öl

Húsavík Öl is born out of desire to brew fresh and good beer and not to always bring the same product to the market.

In the taproom guests are able to experience the passion they put into their ales. Seasonal ingredients are sought from nearby areas to brew unique local ales. The tap room is located in an old diary, the ‘Gamla Mjólkurstöð’.

Húsavík Öl Tap Room

local brewery, tap room, opening hours, whole year operated, guided tours through the brewery for small groups upon request, wifi

Húsavík Öl

Húsavík Öl
Héðinsbraut 4
640 Húsavík
GPS: 66°02’53.9″N 17°20’39.2″W
Tel: +354 789 0808
E-mail: husavikol (at)