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About us


Húsavíkurstofa is the touristic marketing association for Húsavík and surrounding that promotes Húsavík both under the registered trademark “Visit Húsavík” and “Whale Capital of Iceland”. Members of the association compile of all kinds of businesses and companies that are somehow related to the touristic industry in the area including restaurants, accommodations, service providers and many more. The main aim of Húsavíkurstofa is to promote Húsavík and surrounding as touristic destination, provide information and support the local infrastructure. Húsavík aims at a sustainable tourism that balances the wants and needs of guests, locals and the environment.

Húsavíkurstofa does not operate a tourist information or a booking agency at this point and all information is only available online. The main sources for information about Húsavík and surrounding are currently this homepage and the Facebook page “Visit Húsavík“.

Please direct complaints, suggestions or requests to info (at)

We wish you a pleasant stay in Húsavík!

Please note! Húsavíkurstofa is not involved in job placement nor does it act as employment agency for companies and operators in the area. Job seekers are asked to contact companies directly.