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Bathing and Swimming

Featured Image GeoSea sea bath has mineral rich geothermal sea water © GeoSea
GeoSea sea bath has mineral rich geothermal sea water © GeoSea

Bathing in Húsavík


The GeoSea sea baths enables you to enjoy nature in a unique manner. Thanks to the underground heat, the seawater in the baths is warm and comfortable and the mineral-rich water will caress your skin. While the warm sea works its miracles, you can enjoy the view of the mountain range to the west, Skjálfandi Bay beneath the cliffs and the Arctic Circle itself on the horizon. Read more>

Swimming Pool Húsavík

Swimming Pool Húsavík
The swimming pool is 16,67 meters long and 6,95 meters wide with a depth varying 0,9 m – 2,5 m. There are three hot tubs and one tub with ice cold water. Additionally the poool has a children’s pool with two water slides that are open during summer time. Read more>

Cheese Tub/ Ostakarið

Cheese Tub/ Ostakarið (Closed)
The Cheese Tub has been closed in 2018 and is not open to the public anymore. Instead the new GeoSea sea bath has been opened where you can enjoy exactly the same geothermal sea water since they use the same borehole.
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Swimming near Húsavík

Swimming Pool Heiðarbær

Swimming Pool Heiðarbær
This swimming pool is right next to the campsite in Heiðarbær, 20 km south of Húsavík, and has a hot tub. Read more>

Swimming Pool Lundur

Swimming Pool Lundur
This swimming pool is 70 km north of Húsavík close to Ásbyrgi. Read more>