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Frequently Asked Questions

A whale up close © Sarah Arndt, Gentle Giants
A whale up close © Sarah Arndt, Gentle Giants

Where can I buy my ticket and is it necessary to book in advance?

Tickets are sold either online on the homepages of the whale watching agencies or at the ticket offices in town. It is possible to go on a tour without reservation. However, since the tours are so popular it is recommended to book in advance.

Is there a tour in bad weather?

Tours are dependent on weather and sea conditions. For your safety and comfort, the agencies reserve the right to change or cancel departures, even with short notice, should weather or other conditions change. However, rain and snow alone are not considered

How long is a tour?

Different agencies offer tours from 1hour up to a several hour sailing trip. The most popular tours are 3-3,5 hours. Check out their homepages to see the details.

What species can I see in Skjálfandi Bay?

Whales are wild animals and one can never predict for sure what species can be seen on a particular day. Species also change depending on the time of the year and their migration habit. In the past years the humpback whale has been the most commonly sighted member of the cetaceans. Mink whale, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoise are seen very frequently while the colossal Blue whale and Orkas join the group from time to time.

What time is best to go whale watching?

Whale watching is possible the whole year around, but the main season is between April through October. The species and number of whales change throughout the seasons depending on their migration pattern. Whales are wild animals so every day is different regarding species and number of whales seen. All times of day are good for whale watching: morning, midday, afternoon or even during the midnight sun.

Is it certain to see whales?

Whales are wild animals that roam freely cover large distances in short time. One cannot compare whales in their natural environment to a zoo or animal park where sighting is 100% guaranteed. Nevertheless, the success of seeing a whale has been outstanding in Húsavík throughout the last 20 years with a success rate of round about 98%. The chances are definitely in your favor. All whale watching companies offer you to come to another trip free of charge if you do not spot a whale.

Will I see Puffins?

The Puffin Island or Lundey is home to 200.000 nesting puffins between april/may and august. During hat time it is very likely to see puffins during a whale watching tour. Check out the offers of all whale watching companies for special bird watching or puffin tours.

How should I dress for a whale watching trip?

All whale watching companies provide warm clothes on all boats for every passenger before the tour begins. Despite the comfy warm overalls guests are asked to dress warm and waterproof. A hat, scarf and gloves as well as solid footwear is strongly recommended. Due to the winds it can be very cold spending several hours out on the sea. Due to the conditions at sea is is good to bring protective bags for cameras or any other equipment.

We still highly recommend that passengers bring their own warm and waterproof clothes, footwear and protective bags for cameras, as it can be cold and wet out at sea.

Can children participate in a whale watching tour?

Children of all ages are welcome on the oak boats and it is also possible to take strollers on deck. There are special overall available in children‘s sizes but it is recommended to dress them warmly.

Will I get sea sick?

Some people are more prone to sea sickness than others and it also strongly depends on weather and sea conditions. Free motion sickness tablets are available in the pharmacy across the street from the ticket sales. Some whale watching agencies have them also available at their ticket office if needed.

If you are not fond of going aboard and would like to do something else while the rest of your companions enjoy a whale watching tour there is no reason to be bored. You can visit one of the many museums in town, go horseback riding or do other activity meanwhile. Many whale watching companies even have special offers on other activities.

Can pregnant women join a tour?

Generally pregnant women can join whale watching tours. But since pregnant women are often more vulnerable to sea sickness they are advised to ask for the weather and sea conditions at the ticket sales before the start of the tour and check their medical condition with their health care consultant.

Is there a toilet on board?

There are toilets on most oak boats and a public toilet at the harbor. There is no toilet on the RIB speed boats.

Are any refreshments sold on board?

No, there are no refreshments sold on board but a hot chocolate and small delight is provided at some point depending on the whale watching agency.

Can people with mobility issues join a tour?

People with mobility issues can join the tours on oak boats and some boats are even wheelchair accessible. However, not all boats are suitable. To make sure that the right boat is available at the right time, please contact the whale watching agency of choice prior to booking and they will be happy to assist.