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Red carpet rolled out in Húsavík for the new Óskar

The people of Húsavík in North Iceland are ready for the Oscars 2021. On Monday, the only Óskar in town declared the red carpet on Húsavík’s main street formally open. Cutting a ribbon along with the mayor of Húsavík, the local girls’ choir was also present, among others. The choir had participated in recording a video where Molly Sandén performed the song Husavik, which is nominated for an Academy Award this year. Due to unusual circumstances, Sandén could not perform the song on stage at the Oscars as planned. Instead, she went to Húsavík to record a music video with the locals. The video will be premiered at the award ceremony, increasing the anticipation of the locals for this years Oscars, who are already hopeful that the song named after their hometown will win the Oscar and bring attention to this small town that is known as the primary location in Iceland for whale watching. 

In the past weeks, the locals from Húsavík have campaigned for the song to be nominated for an Oscar and then for it to win the award. Videos of Óskar Óskarsson, speaking to the Academy and in fact, the whole world have gone viral and been covered in international media. On April 25th, the Academy Award Ceremony will go ahead, and some people from Húsavík have already taken the day off or made sure they can stay up late as they’ll watch this global event with anticipation. One thing is for sure; Óskar Óskarsson will be ready at the red carpet if and when the second Oscar comes to town!