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Minister allocates funds to unveil hidden gem north of Húsavík

Through a grant aimed at enhancing tourist facilities in Iceland, Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir, the Minister of Culture and Commerce, has allocated funds from the Development Fund for Tourist Sites for the year 2024. The municipality of Norðurþing has been granted a substantial sum of seven million Icelandic krónur to establish a walking path to Gatanöf and Bakki Cape.

Located north of Húsavík, Gatanöf near Bakki Cape has been gaining popularity among tourists. However, the current conditions in the area do not facilitate significant foot traffic, and the presence of makeshift paths poses safety hazards. Therefore, the allocated funds are designated for the construction of parking facilities and pedestrian pathways to enhance safety and preserve the natural surroundings.

The pedestrian path from the parking area to Gatanöf will be widened and surfaced with wooden planks. Along the route, a stream will be bridged with a pedestrian bridge made of sustainable timber, measuring 3×1.6 meters. Upon reaching Gatanöf, tourists will have the option to continue towards Bakkahöfði to enjoy the panoramic view or return along the same path to the parking area. The path up Bakkahöfði will be stepped and ascend the headland before turning towards the parking lot.

Additionally, parking facilities will be constructed at the beginning of the pedestrian path. It is anticipated that at least six cars can be accommodated at the site simultaneously.

This round of funding comprises 29 projects, totaling 538.7 million Icelandic krónur, distributed across the country to support various tourism-related endeavors.

The initiative is expected to not only improve accessibility and safety for visitors but also contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in the region, aligning with Iceland’s commitment to responsible tourism practices.