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Day Trip 1: Whales, Húsavík and the Ocean

whale capital

The town of Húsavík is globally recognized as one of the best locations in the world from which to watch whales. In fact, there is a higher chance of seeing whales in Húsavík than any other place in Iceland. This made Húsavík a household name, often branded as ´The Whale Capital of Iceland’. Of course your day in Húsavík evolves entirely bout whales and the ocean.

Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions it is good to either start the day with a whale watching tour in the morning or end it with a tour in the midnight sun. If you travel between May and August it is possible to combine a whale watching tour with the Puffin Island and see thousand of Puffins.

Those who are not fond of stepping on a boat and prefer the rocking of a horse horseback-riding is offered close to town as alternative to whale watching.

The fresh air and exciting tour makes everyone hungry so it is time to explore the local cuisine for lunch.

Slider A life-size Blue whale skeleton © Hvalasafn
A life-size Blue whale skeleton © Hvalasafn

Now it is time to learn something more about the biggest mammals on earth in Húsavík’s Whale Museum. Peek into Húsavík’s beautiful church on your way to the Museum House where you get the chance to see how life in Húsavík was in the past – and not to forget the life-size stuffed polar bear! The attached maritime collection shows impressively why they ocean played such an important role in everyday life.

Slider GeoSea sea bath is a great spot to watch sunsets at Skjálfandi Bay © Gaukur Hjartarson
GeoSea sea bath is a great spot to watch sunsets at Skjálfandi Bay © Gaukur Hjartarson

Take a walk around town – will you spot the oldest house in town and the beautiful park? – just before it is time to soak into GeoSea geothermal sea bath and enjoy the view over Skjálfandi Bay. To round of the evening taste some local beer or head out into the nightlife.

Highlights of the Day


In Húsavík everything is within walking distance so it is good to find a parking lot in the center of town and walk. If you like walking, GeoSea can be reached by foot rewarding everyone with a great view over the town and bay. Of course it is possible to skip this part and drive up to the seabath.